Deanne has over 15 years of experience in Creative Services, Promotion and Multi-Platform Marketing. She still gets energized coming up with new concepts, creating exciting projects, problem solving, working with the community and team-building. Her career has expanded all across the country and she's had the privilege of working along side some of the best in the business. Over the years, she's won multiple Regional Emmy Awards. two Alabama Broadcaster Association Awards . While it is flattering to have her work noticed by her peers, she truly cares about the team she works with and making sure everyone reaches their potential.

She says, "There's nothing better than seeing that spark in the eyes of those around you and realizing you've made magic happen as a team." That kind of positive, can-do attitude was her trademark with previous employers:

"Deanne is a dynamo of energy and enthusiasm. She knows how to get things done right and won’t settle for less.. Her creativity and ideas were a key part of our successes here at CBS 11."
-David Hershey
VP of Creative Services and Online Promotion
KTVT-KTXA Dallas-Fort Worth

“Deanne combines passion, old fashioned hard work and a critical creative eye to produce ratings moving work.” “She is simply the best VP of Creative Services I have worked with and we were a lot better at FOX6 WBRC because of her undeniable passion for the promotional craft.”
-Dennis Leonard
President and CEO
Former President/GM
Denver, Colorado

"Deanne seems to have limitless energy and passion for making great TV."
-Mike McClain
VP/General Manager
FOX TV Stations
Atlanta, Georgia

"Deanne is a dynamic and creative leader who inspires people with her energy and enthusiasm. Combine that with her great sense of humor, she becomes one of the best people you'll find to work with."
-Tom Doerr
Broadcast News Director

There is absolutely nothing ordinary about her life and she kind of likes it that way. She started her first television job while still in college in a small Georgia town and has had a passion for the creative process ever since.






Creative Marketing Manager/Promotions Manager/Social Media Specialist with over 15 years of skills in a variety of multi-media realms. A proven record of driving brand awareness, community support and revenue gains through intelligent use of building memorable campaigns, strong team development, 100% of complete satisfaction and exceptional execution.







Central Georgia